Marrakech's last storytellers
Sultan's Walking Tour 

Unlike so many countries, storytelling is still present nowadays in Moroccan society. Every Moroccan kid grows up hearing stories and tales from the parents or especially from the grandparents. The tradition of storytelling existed many centuries ago in Morocco. This art has always been part of Moroccan culture; used to entertain, preach, and inspire, etc. Throughout the centuries, most of the stories and tales were passed orally from one generation to another, while few ones were written and saved in books.

The main goal of this tour is to share the heritage of storytelling with our guests while discovering the sites of the Red city. On this tour, your host will guide you to many historical and cultural sites where you will meet from time to time a local storyteller out of the blue in different places. 

The storyteller has three stories for you; Each story is narrated in a different place and performed with a different costume. The team has prepared various tales for kids as well as for adults. 


Local host/guide

2pax: 120 €         3/4 pax: 150€

5/6 pax 160 €     (+ 10 € for private guide)

4 hours

Including : Private guide, 2 monuments entrance fees and 1 non alcolohlc drink

FREE pick up from within Marrakech