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Evening Tour

As night starts to fall and the air cools, the city slows down. The bustle of Marrakech calms as folks head home for the day. It is at this time where we will start our evening tour. With bikes equipped with appropriate safety lights, we will ride past illuminated sights through a city that never sleeps. Visually, the city looks different, as all the buildings and monuments are lit up against the backdrop of the dark desert sky. With cooler temperatures, less traffic, fresh air and less noise, this tour is the ideal choice for a breezy ride around our beautiful city.



The new town Gueliz and the old town Medina from the Kasbah quartier to Mellah till Bab Doukala.

Duration: 2 h 30 min

Departure location: Marrakech Green Wheels shop Map

Good to know: More information here

Price per person:

Group Tour : 30 €

Private Tour (2-4pax) 35 € / ( 5+pax) 30 €

Gardens Tour

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city by experiencing a few of Marrakech’s most dazzling gardens. Each garden is unique in not only its beauty and plant life, but also its history. You will discover the flora ecosystem of the Moroccan oasis, all while taking in the scents and sounds of these majestic gardens. Our experienced cultural guides will lead the tour and tell the fascinating history of each garden. The tour will end with a visit to Marrakech’s iconic Jemaa El Fna Square.



Majorelle Gardens, Menara Gardens, Harti Gardens, Agdal Gardens, Rose Gardens and the Jamaa El Fna Square

Duration: 3 h 30 min

Departure location: Marrakech Green Wheels shop Map

Good to know: More information here

Price per person:

Group Tour : 45 €

Private Tour (2-4pax) 50 € / ( 5+pax) 45 € 


Culinary Tour

While hunting for the finest foods in the Marrakech, you will get the chance to discover the maze-like souks and the city’s hidden streets guided by the smell of food. You will get the chance to learn about the secrets of Moroccan traditional cooking and enjoy the meals with the locals. Marrakech Green Wheels offers different stops, in each stop you discover on dish of the Moroccan cuisine.


The Jemaa Elfna square, Moroccan house, old medina as well as the new town 

Departure location: Bab Ksiba

Ride duration: 2h 30 min

Price per person:

Private Tour 65 € / Group Tour 55 €

Culinary Tour

What better way to discover the culture of Marrakech than through its food! You will learn about the secrets of traditional Moroccan cooking by preparing an actual meal in a traditional Moroccan Riad. The first part of this tour will be the preparation of the meal. Our lovely cooks will explain the different spices and flavors and show you how to use a tagine. As your meal cooks, your Cultural Guide will take you on a tour of the new town and to the Rose Gardens. You will return to the riad and sit down with your guide and the cooks and together taste the fruits of your labor!



The Jemaa Elfna Square, Moroccan House, the Medina as well as the New Town

Duration: 3 h 30 min

Departure location: Marrakech Green Wheels shop Map

Good to know: More information here

Price per person:

Private Tour (2-4pax) 55 € / ( 5+pax) 50 €


City Discovery Tour

Marrakech is a unique city of history and modernity. On this tour, you will discover both sides of the city by visiting the old town, the medina, and the new town, Gueliz. With its winding souks and boisterous energy, it will feel like you have stepped into another time when entering the medina. Gueliz, built by the French in the early 1900s, shows how much the city has changed with its wide roads and beautiful, lush parks. Our guide, we lead you through each area and provide a unique history for various sites. The tour will conclude with a stop at a cafe in the old town for some famous Moroccan mint tea or a cup of coffee.



The new town Gueliz and the old town Medina from the Kasbah quartier to Mellah till Bab Doukala.

Duration: 2 h 30 min

Departure location: Marrakech Green Wheels shop Map

Good to know: More information here

Price per person:

Group Tour : 30 €

Private Tour (2-4pax) 35 € / ( 5+pax) 30 €

Photography Tour

Say cheese! We will take you on an amazing trip through some of Marrakech’s most undiscovered sites: idyllic narrow streets, quite hidden courtyards, ancient old walls, beautiful doors and photogenic views- all picture perfect and ready to be captured with your camera. Our guide will provide the history of each place you visit and discuss the rich culture of Marrakech. You will capture not only great photos, but also unforgettable memories.


Please note, this is not a professional photography class with an emphasis on improving photography skills.



Moroccan House, Old Medina, House of Photography or Majorelle Garden

Duration: 3 h 30 min

Departure location: Marrakech Green Wheels shop Map

Good to know: More information here

Price per person:

Private Tour (2-4) 55 € / ( 5-8) 50 €


Customized Tour

Do you have specific requests or special ideas? Or would you like to combine elements from the different tours? Everything is possible! You design this tour by selecting the sites you want to visit. Simply contact us and we will help you build the perfect cycle tour for you.



The places of your choice...

Duration: 2 - 3 hours

Departure location: Marrakech Green Wheels shop Map

Good to know: More information here

Price per person:



Good to know!

The price includes:

A tour guide, bike, helmet, water and all the entry fees to each site!

Group tour format:

You and your travel companions join other groups of people, and you ride as a single group with your tour guide.


Departure time group tour:

Daily departures at 9 am or 2 pm


Private tour format:

You and your travel companions will receive your own personal tour guide.

Departure time private tour:

Anytime between 9 am - 2 pm

Meeting point:

Bab La-Ksiba > Map


FREE PICK-UP  within Marrakech from your accomodation for groups of 5 or more people.


All tours have a maximum group size of 8 cyclists to 1 tour guide in order to maintain safety while riding and provide quality interaction between the guide and the group. For groups of 9 cyclists or more, additional tour guides will be provided.


Children are welcome to join any of the tours, as long as they can properly ride a bicycle and they are accompanied by an adult.

Adult supervision is not required for anyone over the age of 16.


Special discount:

Children 7-14 years old 10% off

Student 10% off

Proper Identification must be provided to obtain discount.

For more please check Q&A

Pictures ©Nico Schaerer


The Meeting Point.

Kasbah Street

The royal Kasbah quartier is one of the oldest parts south of the Marrakech Medina, only 15 minutes walk from the Jemma El-Fna (the main square in Marrakech). It is famous of its wide, lit streets different from the very narrow alleys in the souks. It can be accessed by vehicles from Bab Agnao or by foot from Bab Laksiba. Coming from Bab Agnaou, we are on the left side of the street 100 meters away from the big shopping Complex Artesanat. 


Question & Answer

Do I have to book the tour in advance?

​Yes, please! Booking in advance will give us time to arrange all the necessary details for your tour. There is also a chance we may not have space, so booking in advance guarantees that you get the best day and time for your schedule. We will do our best to accommodate last minute reservations whenever it is possible.


What time should I arrive for the tour?

We ask that our guests arrive no later than 15 minutes in advance of the start time of their tour. The tour guide will introduce themselves to each guest and give a briefing of what to expect on the tour.

What is your cancellation policy?

Guests have up to 48 hours before departure time to cancel their tour and will receive a 70% refund. Between 48-24 hours, guests will receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be given for any cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.


What language does the guide speak ?

Currently our guides can speak in Arabic and English. In the future, we will be expanding to include French, German and Spanish language tours as well.

Should I tip my guide?

Tipping is not required, but it is very much appreciated. As in other service-based industries, tipping is a sign that you received great customer service. Your guide will be very grateful.


What kind of bicycles do you use?

We use Velo Tout-Terrain bikes, more commonly referred to as VTT bikes. They have seven speeds and are built for comfort. They are the perfect bike for this type of casual bike ride. Every bicycle includes a basket or handlebar bag for small personal items.

Can I bring my own bike?

You can absolutely use your own bike on the tour. All we ask is that you mention this when making your reservation. You will receive a discount of 20% off the price of the tour. Please note, we do not guarantee we will be able to do any bike repairs on any bikes that are not ours.

Can I bring my kids on the tour?

Children cannot only join our tours but also get our special discount of 10%. Any children 16 years and younger will need adult supervision. We have a co-pilot bike trailer that will go on the back of the adult’s bike for kids that are too small to ride a bike themselves. When making your reservation, please mention your children and their ages.

What happens if there is a problem with the bike while on the tour?

Your safety is our biggest priority. All of our bikes are inspected before each tour to make sure they are in great working order. Our tour guides do have a basic knowledge of bike maintenance and will carry some tools to fix small technical problems such as flat tires and brake or light issues. If there is a major problem with a bike, we will contact our office and a replacement bike will be sent.


What if I haven’t biked in many years?

You do not need to be any type of athlete or have special cycling skills to participate on a bike tour with us. You only need to be in reasonable physical shape and have the ability to ride a bike. Our guides will set a relaxed pace for all guests’ comfort and safety.


What form of payment is accepted?

For online booking, the only form of payment currently accepted is through paypal. We do accept cash payments if you make the reservation at our office. Full payment is required at time of booking.


What if I’m late?

For group tours, we cannot wait for late guests since this will affect the other guests on the tour. If you are late, we ask that you contact us, by phone or email, and we will try to coordinate a meeting point later in the tour.

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About Us

"I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood , and I -

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference." 

Robert Frost

100% Green- Marrakech Green Wheels

Marrakech Green Wheels is a new organization to revolutionize the city’s tourism. Our goal is to reinforce the importance of responsible tourism by introducing bicycles to both the local community and tourists. Bicycles are the ultimate alternative in transportation. They provide a unique way to discover the city and experience the culture of Marrakech- all while keeping it green.


Alongside our commitment to the environment, we also have a commitment to serve our community. We will be giving 0.5% of our income to educational programs through partnerships with schools and workshops for children. Our purpose is to invest in the protection of the environment for future generations through education. To learn more about our community outreach and goals, please click here​.


Our commitment to community also includes making it possible for everyone to experience a bike tour with us. We are working on making all of our tours accessible to people with disabilities. We are in the process of acquiring equipment to accommodate individuals with special needs. Please send an email to receive more information on these special services.


Our goal is to provide you with the most authentic experience of Marrakech. You will have lasting memories of the roads you bike, the people you meet and the sites you visit.

Have fun, give back and bike the roads less traveled with Marrakech Green Wheels.


Our Community

Our Story


In the past 10 years, Marrakech has seen a noticeable increase in the number of cars and mopeds on its streets. Pollution has become an ever increasing issue. People are suffering from asthma and allergies due to the poor air quality.


Children in rural areas around Marrakech are facing a problem of access to school. Every year, the number of students dropping out of school is increasing due to the lack of a proper means of transportation. The only option for many students is to walk many kilometers to reach school, and when they arrive, they are tired and unable to concentrate. Some parents are prohibiting their daughters from attending the classes because they do not want them to walk. Dropping out of school is always the consequence.

But every problem has a solution.


We want to introduce an alternative mode of transport to the people of Marrakech: the bicycle. Biking is a new way to experience Marrakech, all while helping the environment and promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Our community needs to be made aware of this issue and how to combat it.


Our Mission


We want to empower and educate the people of our community to take an active role in protecting the environment and to promote healthy lifestyle choices.

Pictures ©Nico Schaerer

Our Vision


Marrakesh Green Wheels Association is making a commitment to the city of Marrakesh. We lead educational workshops in schools to teach kids about making smarter choices to conserve and protect the environment. We also go over the health benefits of a more active lifestyle. These workshops are also designed for adults, that will be offered free of charge.


In rural areas, bikes are the main means of transport for children to get to school. A popped tire or broken brakes means a child is absent from their classes. We want to go into these communities and provide free bike repairs. Children and adults will also be taught how to do basic bike repairs themselves. Our long term goal will be to provide bikes to children in these rural communities. By educating the children of today, we are supporting the next generation of adults in Marrakech and by protecting the environment of today we are preserving the environment for the next generation.


Our coming programs                                      


Education Program:

Primary schools starts in September 2016

Secondary and High schools starts in February 2017                

Our supporters





For more details, please contact us here 


© Marrakech Green Wheels 2020




Mobile: +212 615 409 728

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