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Explore Marrakech on Bicycle

We have designed several fun bicycle tours in Marrakech-our home town. Bicycles provide a unique way to explore the city. You will have lasting memories of the roads you bike, the people you meet and the sites you visit.

Let's have fun, bike the roads less traveled in Marrakech, all while keeping it green


About us

We are a young local team. Our idea is 100% Green! Very considerate to the environment. One of the issues that Marrakech suffers from is air Pollution. Therefore, we believe that cycling in Marrakech will contribute in protecting our environment and enhancing eco-tourism. Better air for a better life!

Our local social enterprise also stimulate growth, generate job opportunities, and campaign against the two PS (Pollution and Poverty). We have an internship programme which is targeted towards young university students. It is a opportunity for them to gain and exchange experiences. 

To ensure we give back to our community, we support several educational programmes through partnerships with schools. Our association team deliver several workshops for children about sustainability and environment. To learn more, you can visit our community. 

Meet The Team



"I love Marrakech green Wheels because it is an investment in protecting the environment for today and the future generations."



"MGW is a local response to our ecological crisis. It is a platform for creativity and choice towards sustainability."



"My work at MGW is GREAT. Everyday I get to meet people from all over the world and learn about their culture."