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Our Story 

Marrakech Green Wheels is a community project that has been founded in 2015 thanks to an original idea of two young Moroccans who are passionate about cycling and the protection of the environment. They have introduced the bicycle to locals as well as to tourists and encouraged cycling with the purpose to provide an affordable and sustainable means of transportation, promote ecotourism in Morocco and combat unemployment by providing sustainable employment and training for Moroccan youth. 

Education & Employment

The team develops innovative projects, locally and nationally, involving revenue-creating activities to open more employment opportunities for people in our community with barriers to employment and now also for those who have been very badly affected by the current pandemic. so we offer free Workshops on repairing and maintaining bikes, traffic safety workshops, cycling classes , and more. 

Climate Action

Mitigating the effects of climate change and improving urban livability is prompting cities to improve sustainability of urban transportation and logistics. MGW features responsible tourism by introducing bicycles to both locals and tourists. Our belief is that bikes can contribute to the community at many levels beyond transportation. It is the ultimate alternative to circulate, live the culture and discover the city while keeping it clean.


Our vision is to raise public awareness about climate change and to communicate the economic chances of green and sustainable tourism in Morocco and beyond. Meanwhile, we create income-generating opportunities to empower young people, women and minorities and equip them with skills that will help them in the future careers and help serve the community.

By choosing Marrakech Green Wheels , you directly support our social and environmental goals and you become part of the solution.