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How to get involved ?

Volunteering Opportunity

Whether you would like to lead community rides in Marrakech, organise cycling and educational events or simply fix bicycles,  we are here to support you to volunteer in a role and at a level that works for you.

You may want to give something back to the community, make a difference to the people around you, find a rewarding opportunity that helps you develop new skills or build on existing experience. Or perhaps you are looking for some office-based admin experience instead? Whatever your reasons, we can support you to do this and at the same time you can empower, enable and inspire others to cycle too.

Let's Cycle Together

Food Solidarity Day

    Take Action

    Investment in cycling can help save our planet. We urgently need to create safe networks of cycling lanes to encourage more and more people to cycle and therefore help reduce emissions from Morocco's biggest polluting sector: domestic transport.

    So If you have been inspired to cut your carbon footprint, we believe that you can take action by riding your bicycle more often. Active travel means making journeys by walking, wheeling or cycling. These are usually short journeys, like walking to the shops, walking the kids to school, cycling to work, or cycling to the station to catch a commuter bus or train. Active travel has quite a few benefits: it improves health, creates safer communities, and reduces environmental impacts.

    The positive impact of increased active travel
    Reduced congestion - enabling people to choose active or sustainable travel will reduce congestion on our roads

    Reduced air pollution - less car-driven journeys and more walking, wheeling, cycling and public transport are important in tackling air pollution and its negative health impacts. 

    Higher quality public realm - Improving opportunities to walk will create places and communities that are more able to adapt and be vibrant, creative, enterprising, and accessible

    Better physical, mental and social health - Active travel has clear health benefits as physical activity increases, social connections are made and mental health is boosted by activity and time outdoors in nature. Active travel is an important opportunity for savings in terms of preventing ill health.

    Reducing carbon emissions and helping reach net-zero carbon goals - Changing to active travel can have significant lifecycle carbon emissions benefits. The largest benefits come from shifts from car to active travel for business, social and commuting journeys.

    Economic growth and vibrant communities - Investing in infrastructure and support for active travel can increase economic growth and vibrancy. Those walking, wheeling and cycling tend to spend more money locally than drivers. Increasing active travel can stimulate economic growth in urban areas and benefit local shops

    It is inclusive and reduces inequalities - Accessible walking, wheeling, cycling and good public transport links can reduce inequalities by giving equal access to employment, education and other services. 

    • Advice to help you get on your bike and enjoy your riding.
    • Find one of our projects near you which can help and encourage you to be more active by bike.
    • Join our community cycling group and find new friends to ride with.
    • Campaign with others for better cycling in your area.
    • Help us amplify the message that cycling is the solution by using this #cyclingisthesolution on social media.