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Free Bicycle Classes

This project is part of our COVID-19 Relief projects – contact us to find out how you can support our community in crisis today.

Unlocking Marrakech by empowering everyone to cycle 

Encouraging more and more people to cycle in Morocco is among our main objectives, because we deeply believe that cycling would play a fundamental role in tackling the challenges of the climate emergency and post pandemic recovery. 

We are very glad to say that cycling is becoming popular not only in Morocco but around the world. However, not all people have had the chance to learn how to ride a bike. Thus came the idea of offering free bicycle classes in Marrakech. 

In collaboration with the community service club of the American centre, Marrakech Green Wheels has launched Free Bicycle Classes social project. These are classes for absolute beginners who want to learn to cycle for the first time. Participants get to learn the basics of balancing, starting, stopping, scanning, signaling and steering a bike, as well as proper helmet fit and adjustment. The aim of the project is to unlock Marrakech by empowering everyone to cycle confidently and safely.

The sessions are also aimed at giving the participants the opportunity to develop new skills in a relaxed and enjoyable group environment. Learning as a group is great fun! Besides, the free bicycle sessions in Marrakech are also open to people who are interested in biking but intimidated by urban traffic. 

Once the participants are confident enough to ride the bicycle, then we invite them to join our Let’s Cycle Together. The latter is a social project which consists of free guided bicycle tours in Marrakech every Saturday and Sunday. Going on a guided group ride give the participants the chance to practice street-riding skills on increasingly busy streets. Skills covered in this class include taking the lane (when available ;) ), changing lanes, left turns, and signaling.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to ride a bike in order to live a healthy, active and low-carbon lifestyle. Together we will continue to cycle, discover and preserve. 

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