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Let's Cycle Together

This project is part of our COVID-19 relief projects plan – contact us to find out how you can support our community in crisis today.

The impact of Covid-19 on our physical and mental health 

The whole world has known a tremendous spread of the Covid 19 epidemic, and considering Morocco an integral part of the universe, it has received its share. 

The continuation of this epidemic has led to the emergence of serious physical, mental and socio-economic issues such as domestic violence and its repercussions (divorce, child homelessness and poverty). 

Due to the lockdown and the lack of movement, many people have suffered from obesity. In addition, there are others who were not affected physically, but they were faced with mental issues such as depression and anxiety. This has prompted everyone to think about ways out of this pandemic with the least losses.

Cycling is the solution to our physical and mental health issues

#Letscycletogether is a social project. It consists of free bicycle tours in Marrakech every Saturday and Sunday. 

The objective of the project is to improve people’s physical and mental health, contribute in their happiness, help people come out of the COVID-19 negativity, connect people and encourage people to preserve the environment. 

We believe that cycling is a solution to many of our everyday problems including our physical and mental challenges. 

Studies of health and sports organizations have shown that cycling promotes the health of the heart, blood vessels and lungs, by breathing deeply and by obtaining more oxygen while breathing. In addition to improving body coordination, it also Contributes to building strong bones, increases strength and flexibility of the body's muscles and the body temperature, which helps improve overall body fitness.

Moreover, cycling reduces levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

"I really loved the project. Such projects must be highly appreciated"

Amina B. a social poject participant

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