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Eco Mobility Week

In celebration of the International Cycling Day and the World Environment Day, we have dedicated a special week to these two activities, the aim of which is to raise awareness of the need to preserve the environment and use the bicycle as a sustainable means of transportation.

The week was divided into two activities, one at the orphanage, and the other was an environmental awareness tour.

International Cycling Day

The goal of visiting the orphanage was to educate the younger generations about the need to use the bicycle because of its benefits on physical and mental health, as well as the environment for humans. That is why we devoted a whole week teaching children and establishing educational workshops, that is, teaching them how to ride a bicycle as an eco-friendly means of transportation, accompanied by a lesson to raise awareness of the need to maintain road safety, by allocating a mini-pavement model that explains to the children the role of traffic signals and their importance in the prevention of traffic accidents.

The week was not limited to education only, but was accompanied in the end by theatrical and musical activities that were right on the need to preserve the environment and protect it from pollution.

World Environment Day

For the residents of the city, especially the young people,we have allocated a bicycle tour to attract young people for the purpose of collecting rubbish from the sidewalk and cleaning green places, which suffered from neglect after the quarantine, and the activity was well received by everyone, as it showed us the responsibility of young people to preserve and protect their environment from any danger that may affect it. Our goal is always to protect and to raise awareness of the role of human and animal health safety, as well as developments in creating a harmonious and balanced ecological society on which we depend for our survival and well-being.

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