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Food Solidarity Day

‏The Food Solidarity Day is one of the most prominent social programs that we are keen to develop, as it is an activity that instills among young people the value of social solidarity, and the achievement of affection and cohesion within a community framework of cooperation and intimacy, by preparing meals and providing them to the homeless and needy in Marrakesh.

‏MGW and social Awareness:
‏In the face of the difficulties and social problems we are experiencing, MGW aims to spread collective awareness within the entities of the community, by attracting and encouraging young people to engage in this social program in partnership with other associations, for the purpose of developing a sense of responsibility towards others, and a sense of the need to provide assistance to those who are less fortunate. 

MGW and Sustainable development:

Talking about social program directly leads us to talk about ways to achieve it. That is why we are always keen to design our programs in order to promote environmental friendliness and ensure the livelihoods of future generations. within the framework of using the bicycle in all our activities, in order to preserve the environment and combat pollution, and to contribte in implementing our government's future green projects and policies.

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